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Our comparing page tool allows you to easily analyze and compare up to 5 of your competitors' article pages.

Keep an eye on your competition to know what's working and what's not

By using our tool, you can gain valuable insights into what your competitors are doing right and where they may be falling short.

Ratio analysis

The tool shows you the size of each page, including the code size, text size, and code-to-text ratio.

This gives you an understanding of how your competitors are structuring their pages.


It displays the title of each article and the number of title words.

This helps you understand how your competitors are using titles to grab attention and improve SEO.


Our tool shows article descriptions and word count, helping you understand how competitors summarize their content


The tool shows all subheadings, their number, and type, helping you understand how competitors organize their content.


Displays the questions used in each article to learn how competitors engage their audience and improve user experience.


shows all links in each article, including how many are internal and external.

This helps you see how your competitors use links and improve your own SEO.

Learn about competitors' strategies with just a few clicks

Attention all business owners and marketers! Want to stay ahead of the competition?

Our comparing page tool!

With just a few simple steps, you can easily access valuable data on your competitors' pages.

  • Put in the analysis box the links of the competitors' pages.
  • List up to 5 pages, click on "Analyze".
  • Get access to the following data

Quick and easy analysis of multiple competitor pages

Ready to start comparing pages and gaining a competitive edge?

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Comparing Pages Tool help you

This will help you to

  • Easily identifying your competitors' top-performing pages
  • Spotting areas where your competitors may be lacking
  • Gaining valuable insights into what types of content are resonating
  • Improve the performance of your own content
  • Develop a more effective content strategy
  • Increase your online visibility and reach more potential customers