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GuinRank Extension saves your time and shows you precise related keywords on Google and Tags of Youtube videos
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Stop Guessing and Start Ranking

GuinRank takes the guesswork out of content marketing strategy.

Identifies under-utilized content on your content strategy, so you know what content you need to create more traffic and to convert more people to buying decisions).

It’s all based on real data from the real world, not guessing or opinions.

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Case Study

90 Article in 4 months without any Backlinks.

Keyword Analyzer

One of the most important SEO tools in GuinRank

Content Optimizer

Live & Fast TextEditor

Page Analyzer

Tool will help you analyze web page content for good SEO

Keyword Brainstorming

Find new, proven keyword opportunities for your organic search marketing

Micro Niche Finder

Find micro niches that have little to no competition

Today's Fresh Keywords

Catch up today's trends

#1 Keyword Analyzer

(or Keyword Competition) is a critical metric that helps you understand how hard it would be to rank for a particular search query when doing keyword research.

The higher the value, the harder is to compete with others using that keyword

As for writing optimized content you'll have to use the keyword analyzer tool.

It gives you accurate information about:

  • The keywords' difficulty to differentiate between the easy and difficult keywords for a better SEO optimization.

  • The highest points and the lowest points in your written content.

  • Graphical statistics showing the relationship between the top 20 google results and their points of strengths and weaknesses.

  • Different ideas organized in a table to help you in writing your title and your description.

  • The 4 most searched for queries related to your keyword to include them in your content, thus increase its SEO score.

  • The most related 8 LSI keywords to include them in your content while writing and improve its SEO optimization.

  • The first 10 SERPs on Google and data about them including their number of words, the frequency of their LSI keywords repetitions, their SEO score, title, description, date of publishing, last updates done, and their cover pictures as thumbnails.

  • Keywords presence in the results' links, titles, and description.

  • SEO analysis of content to show you the words' number you need to write, the keywords' number you need to include to increase your SEO optimization.

  • Competitors' content analysis to show if they're well optimized, over optimized, or needs optimization.

  • And much more! All you have to do is to try it for a better SEO optimization.

How to write a successful Article?

GuinRank Goal:

-# Before publishing your article, you must be sure that Ranking Predictor has read the keyword correctly.

There are three factors after achieving them you will be an excellent GuinRank user.

  • 1) Your Article Score should reach 55-75 and RELEVANCY SCORE "Well optimized"

    Achievement of 55-75 for the article in general (we prefer 70-74)

  • 2) The first 10 words Score should achieve greater than 80 to 100 for each word

    Pay attention to the first 10 words of the tool, you will find a star icon next to it, and you should Score higher than 80 for each word of them

  • 3) the first word in "Ranking Predictor" should be the keyword you are targeting

    Ranking Predictor is the AI ​​analysis for your article

    After you finish writing your article, you will use the Analyse Ai button to verify that the AI ​​understands your article

    It is obvious that all the effort that goes into writing your article has a purpose and a goal.

    The goal here is that your article, after your commitment to the first and second factors, will be able to succeed with a large percentage in achieving a correct ranking predictor.

    The success here is that you see the keyword is the first word in the Chance to Rank with a number closer to 100%, meaning 60 is better than 50 - and 70 is better than 60.

    The presence of the number 1 keyword in the Ranking Predictor is a reward for your article and you should raise the Chance to Rank value to ensure the best success for your article.

    If the Ranking Predictor reads a keyword other than the one that is the keyword you are targeting, then your article contains something incorrect and you must review the entire article again.

    Filling or mentioning information that has nothing to do with the target keyword will weaken your article's value and power.

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