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Get a complete analysis of:

Page Size

Get an overview of the page's size and load time, making it easier to understand how to optimize it for better performance.

Code-to-text ratio

It helps you understand the balance between your page's code and text, ensuring that your page's content is accessible and easy to read.

Internal and external links

Discover the number of internal and external links on the page, and their destinations, helping you identify areas for improvement.

Keywords and LSI

What keywords and LSI terms are used on your page, and how do they impact your search engine ranking?

Titles and Headlines

Get a clear analysis of the page's title and subheadings, helping you understand its content structure and how search engines might see it.

Meta Tags

You can see the meta tags used on any page, including the title and meta descriptions, which are important for search engine optimization.

Article Word Count

This measurement gives you an idea of the article's length, which can impact its readability and user experience.

Published and Updated date

This information will help you understand the age of the web page and the frequency of updates.

Author Name

Know who wrote the article and contact them if you need to.

How to use Page Analyzer Tool?

Step 1: Input the link

Simply paste the link into the analysis box and hit the "Analyze" button.

Step 2: Review the results

Once the analysis is complete, you will get a full report detailing all the essential aspects of the web page you entered.

Step 3: Use the insights

With the information you receive, you can make informed decisions about optimizing your website and staying ahead of your competitors.

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