Google Helpful Content Update December 2022

Google Helpful Content Update December 2022

Azza Elsayed
Azza Elsayed

Google has rolled out the December helpful content update for its helpful content system. This is the update's first major update since its release in August 2022. Google's helpful content update went live on December 5, but it was only announced today, December 6.

December's google helpful content update

What's new in this version? The Helpful Content System Update is now a global, country-wide update that affects all languages, not just English. This will help Google's systems discover more low-quality content primarily created for search engines, not humans, to improve the user experience.

Google launched a helpful content update in Aug to improve user experience, urge creators to write content that aims to serve people and search intent, and stay away from repetitive, keyword-stuffed scope built to rank search engine but does not provide value to the user.

Helpful content system update

Google announced on its Twitter page on December 6 that "the Dec. 2022 helpful content update was released December 5 and is starting to become more visible today and will take about two weeks to fully roll out." It improves our classifier and works across content globally in all languages. Our help page explains more.

Google says this update was made with an additional signal that helps its search algorithms identify more content created for SEO, not for humans.

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Google Search's helpful content system

This update started on December 5 and will take a full two weeks to complete, making it a trendy update.

The first update of helpful content affected many websites using articles written automatically by artificial intelligence (AI) tools. Furthermore, this update will identify more range that has been duplicated and stuffed with numerous keywords and semantics to lead search engines but not provide value to visitors.

Do you create articles to rank well in search engines? If you make unhelpful content to improve SEO only, you should worry because Google is fighting this content and wants an essay that helps people and answers their questions.

What do you do with the update?

Indeed, you have begun to improve your site writing following the helpful content update in August, but did you know that you can improve your writing to achieve high rankings in Google while also serving the user?

Yes, you can do that when you use the GuinRank tool, which helps you write high-quality content that is optimized for SEO and meets the needs of visitors and searchers. You may ask how so. It's simple.

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Use GuinRank's multiple tools, which allow you to see search volume and keyword difficulty and analyse your competitors' content to outperform them. In addition to the question tool, which shows you everything people ask about your target word in Google, use GuinRank and don't worry about Google updates, whether content or core.

Follow GuinRank's tips and practices, and the result will be original and unique content understandable to search engines. Stay away from "content that seems to have been primarily created to rank well in search engines rather than to help or inform people."

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Google said it is "an ongoing effort to reduce low-quality content and make it easier to find content that feels authentic and useful in search."

Spam writing makes users and the audience feel not satisfying and not understanding your content. Make sure to change your content marketing strategy so that you are not affected by any updates.

If you have already started improving your site after the August update, you will notice a noticeable improvement in Google's new algorithm helpful content update. Content is king, so make sure it is valuable and benefits humans.

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