Best SEO Content Writing Tools 2022

Best SEO Content Writing Tools 2022

Azza Elsayed
Azza Elsayed

SEO content tools are important for content writers because It helps writers improve the content and write understandable content for different search engines.
The article will learn about the most important content optimization tools and content writing tools for SEO.

The importance of SEO content optimization tools

Content writers are well aware of creating high-quality, understandable content that leads to research results and attracts searchers to read it, SEO writing tools have become a powerful assistant for the writer, the importance of which are:

We will introduce you to SEO content optimization tools in our article.

What are the best SEO content tools?

We will show you one of the best content optimization tools that helps the writer build strong content that is SEO friendly to search engines, the GuinRank tools known as the Content Kings Tool.

Many SEO tools are used for site analysis and content optimization, including free SEO tools like Google Search Console and paid ones, Such as Semrush, Ahrefs, and Moz.

GuinRank SEO tools 

Writing content may be complex if you want it to appear on the first pages of search engines. Still, the GuinRank tools have become very easy as it helps you with artificial intelligence to create content that is understandable to the reader and search engines.

What is the GuinRank tool?

It is an artificial intelligence SEO content tool that helps the content writers top Google results by suggesting the important words present in the article.
It contains 8 SEO optimization  tools to help website owners and content writers, which we will show all in detail.

The tools offers a free plan and a paid plan.
A free plan is excellently suited for beginners and YouTube channel owners, it provides SEO content optimization services to all countries in the world.
It supports 60 languages, including En, Hi, Tr and others.

What is the importance of the GuinRank tool?

  • With the GuinRank tool, you can analyze your keywords using the tool keyword analyzer.
  • Get the best titles and subtitles.
  • The tool will suggest the best words to write descriptions and tags.
  • Extract the best keywords related to the keyword.
  • Discover what people are searching for through the search field.
  • Get the best keyword questions.
  • Follow daily trends, as it has a tool similar to Google Trends.
  • Analyze any web page, whether you or your competitors (on-page analysis).
  • Make comparisons of articles between you and competitors to determine strengths and weaknesses.

Tools inside GuinRank


65 KB
Keyword Analyzer
  • It is used for keyword analysis to be able to know the strength of the keyword and the degree of difficulty, and ease of competition for it.
  • Also provides details about competitors on the first page of Google's search engine to see why they stand out so you can outpace them.


59 KB
Content Writing
  • It is considered the most critical tool for every writer and anyone interested in SEO for writing content through artificial intelligence for Google.
  • It provides you with the ability to write an article compatible with search engines, easily compete on the first pages, and modify the articles so that they are understandable to Google's search spiders.
  • It also allows you to analyze your report using AI to ensure that the search engines recognize the keyword you are targeting.


79 KB
Page Analyzer
  • Through the tool, you can analyze any page of any website.
    The tool fetches details about the page (page size, code size used in it, existing images, internal and external links, etc.)
  • Simply through it, you can recognize the pages and articles of your competitors and the keywords they target.


37 KB
Keyword Generator

With this tool, you can get the words related to the keyword you are targeting.
It suggests a large selection of words related to your keyword to make other articles related to your keyword and help rank in search engines.


40 KB
Micro Niche

This tool guides you about what people are looking for in your content, providing you with a set of ideas to help you when writing and creating articles for your blog.


38 KB

This tool is very similar to Google Trend, it is an agency that provides you with the most searched updates in any country in the world.


55 KB
Comparing Pages

A complete intelligence device to compare pages and know their content, ON-Page SEO Also extracting page questions, identifying meta tags, main and sub-headings, and comparing external and internal links.


30 KB
Questions Map

Make a map of the critical questions on the target keyword.

As we know, Google's research algorithms are in constant updates.
They evaluate content using artificial intelligence (AI), so the role of GuinRank has become necessary in writing understandable content for Google's algorithms.

What is the best free SEO tool?

Here are some best SEO content optimization tools that will help you optimize your SEO:

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner aids you to search keywords that fit your site, you have to enter a keyword phrase to find out the search rate.

Plagiarism Checker

  • Search engines do not favor duplicate or copied content, so before publishing your article, you must verify that it is original and exclusive content that is not copied, as you may mistakenly copy content on a popular topic.
  • So you have to operate it, and it is complimentary, and it will check copied words for you.


  • It is one of the tools that contribute to improving the writing rate.
    It is a grammar checker that analyzes the content and detects spelling mistakes, it is ideal for enhancing the content.
  • Bad content means a bad user experience, Grammarly will tackle problems with grammar and spelling and accent and structure.

SEO plugins in WordPress

1.Rank math: Contribute to improving sites for search engines and social media, it is easy to set up and integrate with GSC.

2.Yoast SEO: it is a free plugin used to optimize content SEO, it contributes to ensuring a high level of readability.

3.All in One SEO: Their schema is vital in the SEO process, positively impacts click rates, and is more beneficial for e-commerce sites.

Content Strategy

  • We do not deny the importance of writing optimization tools.
    However, you should be aware of the content strategy, which includes:
  • The level of readability of your content.
  • The number of words you operate.
  • Format and use subheadings correctly.
  • How to distribute the keywords in the article.
  • Use keywords related to the keyword.
  • Use the correct grammar.
  • Structure of sentences in content.
  • Having these skills is essential, and with the right tools, you are on the right path to taking your place in the competition.

Content Marketing

Before writing your article, the journey of research for content and competition ideas and targeting the right keywords begins.
As we explained above, you can operate GuinRank and its tools for this purpose efficiently.

  • You can easily combine content marketing with SEO to get organic traffic from your content.
  • To create a content marketing and SEO strategy, you should keep these factors in mind:
  • Select your topics and ideas clearly and uniquely.
  • Update old content pages with the GuinRank tool.
  • Be aware of your vision and what you want to communicate through marketing content.
  • Knowing what people are searching for, you can use keyword research that meets the needs of your target audience.
  • Backlink articles to increase confidence in search engines.
  • Go back to the high ranking pages of Google research so you can know precisely what Google prefers to compete for unique write content.

With your knowledge of writing strategies and your use of SEO tools for optimization, you'll only need some technical improvements that contribute to a search engine's greater understanding of your content, such as coding information about the author, product, and other elements.

You should know that content creation is SEO writing.
You should write a readable, optimized and search engine-friendly copy, so content optimization tools are important to create valuable content.

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