How to create a YouTube channel

How to create a YouTube channel

Azza Elsayed
Azza Elsayed

Many are looking forward to creating a YouTube channel. In this article, we will learn how to create a new YouTube channel through which you can reach a wide variety of audiences and followers.

Creating a successful YouTube channel has become a goal of many internet users, and also being a YouTuber is a popular profession today. People are earning a lot of money by producing content on YouTube and TikTok. In this article, "How to create a YouTube channel and earn money from it", we will answer your questions.

How to create a YouTube channel

Learn how to create a successful YouTube channel. After the new update, you can create a YouTube channel by completing the steps that we share with you below:

  • You can choose a personal YouTube channel if your only goal with the YouTube channel is to comment only on videos.
  • You must have a Google Gmail account. If you do not have a Gmail account, you can log in to Google and create a new Gmail.
  • First, sign in to either from your computer or smartphone.
  • At the top of the screen, you will find your profile picture icon. Tap on it.
  • Click Create Channel from the window that will open next.
  • After completing your account registration, it will ask for certain information to open the YouTube channel; after filling in this information, click on the create YouTube channel icon.

The YouTube channel is now created, then you can customize various settings for the YouTube channel. If you prefer to set it up later, scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Set up later." How to create a YouTube channel for business?

You can create a brand account on the YouTube website by placing your desktop in the browser from your computer or phone; learn how to create a brand channel.

To create a YouTube brand account, you must do this:

  • First, enter YouTube and then log in with your Google account.
  • Go to the list of YouTube channels and click the Create new channel button.
  • Choose I want a brand account located here and enter the name of the YouTube channel. Therefore, you can open a YouTube Channel with your business name and share the content.

How to create a YouTube channel on the phone?

You can make the YouTube channel from the phone in the same way as the previous creation, and you are only required to log in through the mobile application of YouTube from your phone through a Google email.

What should you consider when creating a YouTube channel?

The YouTube channel name must not contain insults, profanity, and videos of more than 18 words. The YouTube channel name and description must be accurate.

While creating a YouTube channel, you will be asked about the type of YouTube channel you will create, use custom names to create a channel on behalf of any brand.

To transfer the income you will get from YouTube to your account, you should pay attention to some points.
The name and surname you registered with your Google account must match the credentials in your bank account. This is why you should not use fake names when creating your channel.

What is the benefit of creating a YouTube channel?

We will give you information about the benefits of working channels on YouTube.

  • YouTube users are increasing day by day, and this enables individuals and companies with a YouTube channel to reach a specific target audience.
  • Thanks to the creation of YouTube channels, individuals and companies can be known more.
  • It is possible for people who produce content on YouTube to make a profit on this platform when the number of subscribers to their channel exceeds a specific number, and thus the watch time increases.
  • People who have a YouTube channel can also live on this platform when they exceed a certain number of followers.
  • It is possible to collaborate with brands and make a profit through YouTube ads.

If you want to take advantage of all this, you can open your YouTube channel and start producing content for YouTube. Thus, you can easily advertise for yourself and make a profit from YouTube.

Tips to become a successful YouTuber

After you learn how to create a successful YouTube channel, learn how to become a successful YouTube channel owner:

  • Decide and remember what success means to you.
  • Determine the channel's goal and content, and remember that your content production is not just entertainment. It's business.
  • Prepare a detailed action plan on how to operate a YouTube channel.
  • Make sure your YouTube channel page looks attractive to your visitors and followers.
  • Do not forget about SEO, and you will not find it better than the use of Gene Rank.
  • Follow developments in your field closely.
  • Stay in touch with your followers and constantly respond to your followers' comments.
  • Create a website to increase followers.
  • Learn from analytics and statistics.

You can reach more viewers and audiences by adding your social media accounts to your channel. These accounts are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Make sure to add multiple accounts.

Terms of opening a YouTube channel

These are the conditions to be followed when creating a successful YouTube channel:

  1. Never upload anyone's clips. And otherwise, you may be subject to copyright infringement.
  2. Your videos do not attack religion or race.
  3. Always follow all YouTube guidelines.

Nowadays, most of us know and use YouTube as well, YouTube is a platform where you can watch clips from all over the world and create videos for free. YouTube is an excellent way to entertain people and profit from them

How to use GuinRank for YouTube

After you know how to create a YouTube channel, you should know how to use the GuinRank to top YouTube search results; GuinRank is one of the best SEO tools that help you top YouTube search results with relief.

As we all know, Google is the largest search engine in the world; YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google, so you must pay close attention to the description of the video, add essential tags, and choose a title carefully to top the YouTube results easily.

65 KB
Keyword Analyzer

You can use the Keyword Analyzer tool to analyze your target keyword in the video.

Use the Content Optimizer tool to create a description for YouTube videos, where you can write 500 words explaining what the video is about and what you want to communicate to your YouTube channel followers.

Benefits of GuinRank Tool for YouTube channel owners

The YouTube titles of your content should describe your content well, and make sure you highlight the words that users will search for, and that's what GuinRank offers you.

  • The writing tool will help you create a professional video description for YouTube.
  • Help you create the right title for your video professionally.
  • The Keyword Generator tool provides you with multiple keywords related to your word to allow you to create other videos and to help you to make your content coherent.
  • Using the existing keywords and suggested tags from GuinRank will help you top YouTube results with ease.
  • Follow GuinRank's YouTube channel to find out what's new, and learn how to use the tool correctly.

The importance of paying attention to the description of the video on YouTube

Correct SEO is essential when creating videos on YouTube channels. After spending a lot of time and effort creating videos, please don't be lazy; YouTube works as a very advanced search engine.

1. The title of the videos should be attractive: it is visible to the viewer first.

2. Create an attractive thumbnail: It reflects the content of the videos, so make it relevant to the content. It is possible to use Canva to add the featured images.

3. Add your website or blog URL to the description: Your article URL should be placed in the description of the videos so that people can know about your website.

The most critical step in creating a channel is how to customize the channel, where individuals and companies can create welcome videos for people who do not subscribe to their channel and gain these individuals as followers. But before that, it is vital to create a channel layout.

  • First, when you start to put the picture for the profile, it is necessary to pay attention that the format and size are 800 x 800 pixels.
  • Images appropriate to 2560 x1440 pixels must be chosen when updating the channel.
  • You can do the right channel first, edit and win the trust of your visitors. After completing these operations. The critical points to pay attention to for these operations are as follows;
  • Upload a trailer for your channel to be shown to non-subscribers.
  • Get your subscribers' attention by adding highlights to your YouTube channel

Frequently asked questions

What is the cost of creating a YouTube channel?

You can open a YouTube channel for free. In brief, you do not have to pay any fees when opening a YouTube channel.

How much does a YouTube channel earn?

The earnings of YouTube channels differ according to the viewership.

You can make a profit after creating a successful channel and linking it to Google AdSense, and the profits range between 0.5 and 2 dollars per 1000 views. The more subscribers and views, the more earnings you can earn.

Can I create a new YouTube channel on the same Google account?

Yes, creating a new channel for the same account is possible.

How to close a YouTube channel?

To close your YouTube channel;

  • First, log in to YouTube Studio.
  • Go to the settings tab on the left side and the control panel.
  • Click on the advanced settings, and hit the remove YouTube content button.
  • Then select the option I want to delete my content permanently.

How to create a successful YouTube channel?

If you like to make a YouTube channel, you must:

  • First, improving the quality of work and content, creating original and innovative content with simple and easy ideas.
  • Take care of your video cover photo and make it enjoyable.
  • Make sure to do SEO studies for every idea you enter on YouTube by Gene Rank that makes you appear in the first results on YouTube and Google.

How to earn from YouTube?

These are the different ways to earn from YouTube.

To earn money from ad revenue, you must be over 18 years old and manage your payments on AdSense.

  • AdSense ads: You must have more than 1,000 subscribers to the channel and 4,000 hours to watch to easily connect the channel with AdSense services.
  • Brand Marketing: By displaying promotional videos for the brand on YouTube.
  • Via Super Chat: Super Chat allows viewers to pay to have their comments pinned to the bottom of the video.
  • YouTube Premium: A YouTube service that allows viewers to watch without ads for a monthly fee.

Therefore, you should have got an answer on how to create a YouTube channel and profit from it, and we learned how to create a successful YouTube channel on mobile and computer and how to profit using Google AdSense.

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