AdSense for Shopping ADS

AdSense for Shopping ADS

Azza Elsayed
Azza Elsayed

AdSense for Shopping is a new Google AdSense monetization product for e-commerce websites and retailer websites.
This type of ad allows relevant Shopping ads to be displayed on your site, just like other AdSense ads.

Advantages of AdSense for Shopping ads for publishers

  • In this type of advertising, income is achieved through visits. It is compatible with all screens, including mobile, and allows merchants and publishers who own sites specialized in commerce to profit from mobile visits without having to click on the advertisement.
  • Google Shopping has over a billion products to view, by displaying these ads on your site will help your visitors find what they need, ensuring that they revisit your site.
  • Shopping ads will provide you with a different user experience by displaying products that meet visitors' needs and contribute to improving the users' understanding of the site.

Google commented that it currently works with only a specific group of publishers specializing in commerce. Still, it plans to increase the number of publishers in the future and indicated that owners of commerce sites interested in this type of ad must fill out a form indicating that they are interested and want to display ads on their sites.

Opportunities for improvement and experiments

These are answers to the essential questions about Shopping links in AdSense, which Google has answered:

Are Shopping Links Part of Auto Ads?

The answer is no, Shopping ads have nothing to do with auto ads, and there is no need to activate auto ads for Shopping links to work, and all that is required of you is to add only the AdSense code to the site.

What does the ad format?

Shopping links are placed within the leading site's content through articles, which add a hyperlink to certain words, indicating a product available for Shopping. When the user clicks on this hyperlink, he will see Shopping ads in AdSense related to that product.

Where do Shopping links appear on site pages?

Some wonder about the possibility of these links appearing on pages and articles that do not contain commercial products.
Google responded that it would only place this ad on pages with products already eligible for the appearance of links. This feature is still experimental, which results in Them appearing only in a subset of site visits and will not always be visible.

What effect are Shopping Links expected?

Google said that the impact would be minimal, as they work to show links in at most 10% of site visits; shopping links will be automatically placed on eligible pages on your site(s) for a percentage of users.

Is there a feature to disable Shopping links after enabling them?

You can stop the feature by going to AdSense, Optimize, and Labs.

How to earn from Shopping links?

You will get paid if users click on shopping links and click on any of the displayed ads.

When will the impact of the Shopping links feature be known?

Shopping earnings appear aggregated but at the end of the month, and you'll find them on your AdSense payments page.

Try exciting new features before they become widely available Labs can be a range of sophisticated formats; AdSense will add shopping links to the content of your eligible pages. Shopping links give end-users convenient options to buy, and links take users to shopping ads and may help increase your profits.

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