New update from Google against (GPT-3 Ai) tools

New update from Google against (GPT-3 Ai) tools

Azza Elsayed
Azza Elsayed

Google will soon launch a new update in its search algorithms called "helpful content," which aims to review the content of sites and give importance to helpful content that serves the researcher's intent and benefit the user experience.

Google announced a few hours ago that next week it would make a new update called the "Helpful Content "Update to show human content and provide real value to the researcher as it encourages content written for people and not for search engines.

Google's helpful content update is different from a "last product review" update because the new update is a further signal that Google uses throughout the site (each page), and the previous update targets specific site pages. 
The update will rearrange web pages on the search engine, prioritizing helpful content that provides value to readers.

Google announced the update to warn website owners and content writers to get ready, but a week may not be enough.

About Google Helpful Content Update

Google posted on its Twitter account this tweet, google says :

"Next week, we will launch the "helpful content update" to better ensure people see more original, helpful content written by people, rather than content made primarily for search engine traffic."

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Helpful content update

This latest tweet means that ranking the content on the search engine will be considered, and priority will give to good, high-quality content. If you are one of the sites that produce a large amount of content without paying attention to the user, change business strategies and focus on writing and providing helpful information to visitors.

What does a helpful content update do?

This update will negatively affect sites that provide useless content or content that is not useful to users, and priority will provide to issuing search results for distinguished content.

What can I do to benefit from the helpful content update?

The solution is very easy; just follow these guidelines:

  1. Please write your content with the GuinRank tool; it uses artificial intelligence (AI ) techniques to help you understand your content, so when Ai recognizes your target word, it guarantees the priority of appearing in the search engine's first results.
  2. When you use rewriting tools or authentic content creation tools, you must review and humanize the content and add information that makes the content understandable to humans.
  3. Update your content with the GuinRank tool because the new update aims to provide a great user experience, and the best way to do this is to add keyword queries, which provide clear answers to visitors.
  4. GuinRank provides a questions map tool that generates all inquiries for any target word. You can include it in the article with answers that serve the search intention and provide the information researchers need on the search engine.
  5. Use research and relevant related keywords in a way that helps the content and benefits searchers, customers, and the target audience.

About updating helpful content from Google

Here are some notes on the new update from Google Update helpful content:

  • Google will update automatically, not manually.
  • The update includes only non-useful content; valuable content will not be affected.
  • They will start with English language searches (English websites) at the beginning.

Is GuinRank an article paraphrase tool?

GuinRank is an important SEO tool, including eight tools that help you improve your SEO by analyzing competitors and writing understandable content for search engines.

Perhaps you are now aware of the reasons for not providing a rewriting tool within the GuinRank; Google seeks to make constant updates so that the owners of valuable and helpful content have priority in the search engines.

Why is Google fighting GPT-3?

Recently, many tools that use GPT-3 artificial intelligence have increased, which is different from the artificial intelligence that Google relies on.

With the frequent use of these tools, many sites have become dependent on them to produce a large quantity of articles that do not benefit the reader, so Google fights this method in every way to the importance of helpful content.

Is GuinRank based on GPT-3?

GuinRank relies on the same artificial intelligence that Google relies on to understand and use content legitimately and safely under the eyes of Google search engines.

It uses artificial intelligence to analyze competitors and search results to provide the reader with all the necessary data to write compelling content compatible with the SEO and Google search algorithm.

GuinRank doesn't paraphrase the articles; it only helps the writer by providing keywords and essential tips so that he can reach content that is attractive and valuable to the reader.

The new Google update aims to create SEO-friendly content that serves the researcher's intent and provides a valuable user experience for the reader and an understanding of Google's search engine algorithms.
Content is always king in the web world, so don't neglect its professionalism.

Enhance and optimize your content marketing strategy, and make your goal when creating good content to improve the user experience so that your site is not affected by the new update and gets a higher search engine ranking.

Review your links now and update your useless content with other content using the GuinRank content optimization tool.

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