Domain Age Checker | Check Domain Age Online

Domain Age Checker | Check Domain Age Online

Azza Elsayed
Azza Elsayed

Do you know what domain age checker is? You can use the domain age tool to determine the age of your domain and find out when it was purchased and expired. GuinRank's domain age checker is one of the best domain checkers out there.

Domain age is one of the primary things in SEO analytics; Carrying out domain studies carefully and according to standards provides SEO benefits to the site.

What is the age of the domain?

Domain age refers to the time from the beginning of the domain's purchase date to the current Internet date. The higher the age, the longer the site will stay online. A considerable domain age helps increase the site's trust among search engines.

Domain age is a strong indicator of a domain's importance in Google Sites rankings, so there is no doubt that there is a massive difference between domains that are one year old and those that are ten years old.

Although there is no direct impact on search engines, the age of the domain must be considered when purchasing. You can discover and use a tool to find out information about it, which is one of the most important criteria for ranking web projects. Since older sites will undoubtedly give more confidence, domains with an older date may be preferred at the beginning of the project.

What is the domain (Domain Name)?

People use the numeric address to access your web page as a domain. For example, our company's domain name plays a vital role in your digital presence.

Although we often use domains daily, they were not considered essential elements of the Internet in the past. Before 1983, users access web pages via IP addresses. Because an IP address can be challenging to remember, the IETF introduced the Domain Name System in 1983. But you don't need to know how this system works to buy your domain name.

There are some details that you need to understand when buying a domain. These:

  1. Domain registrar: This is the company that registers and manages domains. ICANN accredits domain registrars.
  2. Domain Checker: A tool that checks who owns a domain and for how long.
  3. Top-Level Domains: These domains fall into the top-level category because of the suffix at the end of the domain name. Domains containing country codes, such as sponsored domains, are top-level domains.

When you purchase a domain, you provide your contact information as part of the purchase process. Your domain company forwards this information to the WHOIS directory. The purpose of WHOIS is to record who owns each page on the Internet. Because if the content is posted on a page that violates the law, it will be easy to find and contact the page owner.

While this may be useful under normal circumstances, most people may find it inconvenient because the information is publicly available. To avoid this inconvenience and prevent your data from appearing publicly, you can hide your domain's whois information.

What is Whois?

Whois is defined as ownership information for a registered domain name, and this section includes basic personal information and contact details when registering a domain name.

What is the importance of domain age?

Domain age plays a massive role in SEO, as Google makes a more reliable look at older websites. As a domain ages, it can rank higher in your target keywords. You can increase domain credibility by increasing domain authority through original writing, regular updates, link building, and SEO.

How to query the age of a domain?

Online SEO analysis tools can query the age of a domain and the date it was created. With the domain age query procedure, you can accurately check the domain age in detail in years and days.

In domain queries, details such as domain registration time, update date, and expiration date are also sent. Thus, with similar questions, it is possible to access the comprehensive domain information of all web pages in the online world. In the domain age query example for, I noticed that the domain had been actively used for two years, seven months, and 22 days. The first creation date is March 31, 2020. As shown in the example, each requested web page can perform a specific query for the age of the domain.

How to use the Domain Age Checker?

The domain age checker on our website is an excellent tool to help you find out how old your domain is. To perform this calculation, you must copy the URL you want to detect, paste it into the box provided, click the (domain age) button and then enter.

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 Check Domain Age

The tool performs calculations quickly and easily. Moreover, you can use this tool not only for your website but also to know the domain age of other website names, registration time and expiry date. Our tool is often used primarily by companies who want to advertise, website owners who want to analyze their competitors, and domain name investors.

What are the disadvantages of the new field of SEO?

The domain will only have a positive impact if a new domain is chosen for a new web project. For this reason, it is necessary to show more performance through a comprehensive SEO study of the new site. The biggest drawback the new domain offers to SEO is that it has little authority.

Developing a website with a new domain can achieve the desired goals. With proper SEO planning, it can meet expectations quickly, and the website can become more reliable. Moreover, since the domain's lifetime for SEO will increase daily, there will be no drawbacks in terms of the domain's lifetime over the years.

Those who want to eliminate the new domain's disadvantages need to do a planned SEO, as mentioned. This SEO work must deal in two ways, such as internal and external site optimization.

In these stages, you must create a unique content plan, create a calendar, and add content to the website within a specific program in line with that calendar. Having a certain density of targeted keywords in the content, supporting the content with detailed data such as images, videos, and charts, sharing it on social networks, and encouraging users to comment on the site and social networks provides a much higher advantage in terms of SEO rather than the scope of life. In this regard, planning must be followed, especially if a new field is to be used in the studies to be carried out.

Promisingly, GuinRank allows you to study competitors, get keywords, and write about them with content that can easily compete and lead with them, ensuring that you increase your domain authority and trustworthiness with Google.

What is the ideal domain age?

Domain age is now ideal for web pages that are typically more than three years old. Domains that are less than three years old are considered new domains.

Purchasing the domain for a more extended period than one year is recommended; this allows each person who inquiries about the domain to obtain more comprehensive information about the project and shows that the project Developer web has been planning and targeting for a long time.

Domain name structure

The structure of a domain name, i.e. the keywords it contains, is a ranking signal used by search engines. The fact that the words in your domain name are not related to your site will likely be seen as a negative sign in Google's eyes, which is why it would be best for SEO to carefully include the words your site will refer to when choosing your domain name.

Apart from that, the short domain expiration time also creates a bad situation in terms of SEO. The domain reservation must be at least three years old. Domains less than three years old are considered temporary sites for search engines such as Google. The longer the domain, the higher the SEO benefit.

Does domain age affect SEO?

Yes, domain age is a factor that search engines consider when determining how to rank sites in search results. Older domains tend to have more trust and authority with search engines, while newer domains often work harder to establish credibility. Plus, some evidence suggests that older domains are likely to have more backlinks, which is a key ranking factor.

A person who wants to be visible in the online world and rank high in search engines must effectively satisfy the requirements of both visitors and search engines. Search engines take care of many details to rank your site higher. One of the first things users look at is the site's domain.

A well-chosen domain will increase web page traffic along with well-performing SEO. The fact that the domain is the same as your brand and business allows you to be at the top of the search engines. Thanks to the correctly selected domain, visitors will know your website.

With good SEO work, these areas increase brand awareness, click-through rates, and site traffic. Attention to keyword compatibility in SEO field selection increases users' efficiency from a web page. Therefore, field selection should be timely and should be considered. If you want your domain name to be SEO-friendly, you should pay attention to the following details:

  • Domain story
  • Presence of keywords
  • Domain age and date
  • Domain originality
  • Domain extension
  • Field length
  • Use of English letters

Now try checking the age of the domain accurately with the domain age checker tool.

Don't forget to use the most important SEO tools available in the GuinRank tool, as well as the latest free small SEO tools such as Word Counter and Url Encoder & Decoder tool.

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