Link Spam Update December 2022

Link Spam Update December 2022

Azza Elsayed
Azza Elsayed

Google released the December 2022 link spam update's launch today, December 14, and stated that the update would continue for two weeks until it was fully completed.

Google wrote a few hours ago on its Twitter page, "Today, with our December 2022 link spam update, we're leveraging the power of SpamBrain to neutralize the impact of unnatural links on search results. The update launches Today & will take about two weeks to roll out."

Use SpamBrain to detect spam

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Google December 2022 Link Spam Update

Google announced that it uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology called "SpamBrain" to detect and block spam and unnatural links. The update is for those who buy links. The AI will also be able to detect which sites are specifically targeting to pass outgoing links (spammers).

The October spam update was the previous one for this update, and it greatly affected sites that use random links. As for this update, I found a solution to fighting spam by using artificial

Does Google's Spam Algorithm Update Affect Your Site?

You should know that the update lasts two weeks until the end of December and targets all languages, not just English. If you use unnatural links, you will notice an adverse change in the ranking of your site and your pages in the search results, as this will lead to a decrease in their ranking on the search engine.

Google uses advanced technologies in this update and the December helpful Content update. Google's algorithms and manual procedures are working intensively to detect unnatural links. Google introduced the update to improve the user experience and required users to report fake links.

Google launched a "helpful content update" a few days ago, the first update for the September update, and now an update to fight spam, both updates worldwide.

How to deal with Google's link spam algorithm update?

  1. Audit your site carefully to detect any links that may harm you and delete them.
  2. Don't just write for SEO, but write for people; create content using GuinRank, which helps you get the first results in search engines.
  3. Optimize your content to add value to the user because the December helpful content update is still ongoing.
  4. Write exclusive, unrefined, and high-quality content.
  5. Make sure your site links are not fake and are earned naturally.
  6. Follow all Google webmaster guidelines for updates to negatively affect your site.
  7. Use the rel=nofollow tag on guest posts you place on your site.

Google follows strict guidelines against those who use links to raise their rankings in search results. Google wants content to be valuable and useful to users.

Updates have rolled in this year and are all to serve researchers and users, the latest of which is this rolling update. Follow Google's instructions on incoming and outgoing links, work according to the updates, and your site will not be affected by the December 2022 update.

Source: Google

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