YouTube SEO 2022: How to Rank YouTube Videos

YouTube SEO 2022: How to Rank YouTube Videos

Azza Elsayed
Azza Elsayed

Have you heard of YouTube SEO? and want to top YouTube search results? The YouTube SEO strategy is the secret to getting the highest search results on YouTube; follow our article on the YouTube SEO guide.

Those who want YouTube videos ranked on the YouTube platform need a good optimization of the search engines for video (YouTube SERP), and those who want to stand out in searches on Google and YouTube among the thousands of contents uploaded every minute must work according to Seo (search engine optimization) let us first learn about the essential terms for YouTube SEO optimization.

What is YouTube SEO?

The term YouTube SEO is optimizing YouTube channel's videos to the top of the YouTube and Google search engine results. It is a set of techniques to improve your videos. YouTube SEO includes optimizing the content, title, and description.

Is YouTube social media or search engine?

You may ask, is YouTube a search engine like Google? Yes, you do not understand that YouTube is an extensive network with more than 2 billion monthly users, a considerable number as YouTube is the second search engine in the world after Google. It is the preferred search engine for young people, and they use it. Rather than reading a blog post or searching on Google, you might notice that the YouTube app is an essential app on every phone.

What will you do now that you know it's a search engine?

Does SEO here work the same way for websites?

I know these questions, and more are on your mind, so let me tell you how to optimize YouTube SEO professionally; To do this, you must first understand how YouTube SEO is necessary to increase organic traffic and channel marketing, so here is an explanation of YouTube SEO (search engine optimization).

How does YouTube rank as a search engine?

YouTube uses a unique algorithm to classify and arrange videos, and it does this by using several factors, including the number of views, interaction with videos, viewing duration, and others. These are factors that administer youtube ranking factors:

  1. Quality: This refers to the quality of photography and sound.
  2. Personalization: Based on each user's search records, YouTube shows the user search results related to their previous Search.
  3. Suitability: The titles and descriptions are meant to be appropriate for the content in the video.
  4. Interaction: The extent to which the viewer interacts with the video and the actions taken by him, such as likes, comments, subscribing to the channel, and other means of interaction.

That is, the YouTube algorithm works to provide the best result to the user, so it shows him to search queries for the best clips that YouTube users have liked.

SEO for YouTube channel

Some steps help you to top the YouTube search results, which is to work according to an organized plan and make different techniques that make you occupy the first results of YouTube; these are essential steps that make you work according to the YouTube search algorithms.

YouTube SEO factors to rankings search results are:

1. Choose YouTube keyword research.

After you find the main channel topic comes to the stage of choosing YouTube Keywords. The more accurate you select the keywords and the higher the search volume for them, the more likely your videos will appear in YouTube searches.

31 KB
Related Keywords

YouTube's algorithms can't understand the content of the video itself; they can't watch like people, but they depend on metadata, that is, the texts that relate to the video, such as description, title, and tags, so choosing keywords carefully and using them in the text data correctly will enhance the appearance of your videos in Early Search on YouTube.

Here are the best ways to choose keywords for YouTube:

Using the GuinRank SEO Extension

You must first install the extension on your browser, and it supports a large number of browsers. When you research any topic on YouTube, you will find that the extension will offer many keywords and search queries related to the word you entered. You can use these words to make new videos or copy them and insert them as video tags to target more phrases.

48 KB
video tags

As you can see in the picture, when we enter the word "GuinRank" and open the first video, you will find a checklist of all the tags related to the video.

Use YouTube Keyword Generator

29 KB
ideas tool

It is one of the GuinRank SEO Tools based on software, and the tool's work is straightforward. All you have to do is enter one keyword, and the device will generate all the related words online, as you see in the picture. We entered the word "green tea," and this result was more than 200 associated words, divided into sections 1 through 5.

Youtube's autocomplete

61 KB
YouTube Autocomplete

It is the easiest way; when you search for a video on the YouTube platform, you notice that YouTube suggests many words for you as you type. Already queries used by YouTubers in the Search, see the image below; when you type the word "SEO YouTube," we see the suggestions in the search box as you see in the picture.

Use of competitors' keywords

Want to target keywords your competitors use? It's elementary; when you want to know the words used in the top YouTube videos, do the following:

  • Open YouTube, then enter a keyword that you want to target.
  • You will find the clips that have the highest ranking in YouTube search.
  • Open the video that you liked and garnered many views.
  • Click the right mouse button, then choose "view page source" to find the words used in the video.
  • Press " ctrl + f, "and a search box will open before you; type "keywords" and press enter.
  • Next to keywords, you will find all the words used in the video.

Using the VidIQ chrome extension

The most popular YouTube keyword search tool offers excellent features for channel owners to improve their videos. The vidiq tool is paid but the most used for YouTube keywords, as it allows for the following:

  • Search for the best keywords for YouTube
  • It gives you daily ideas for your channel, and you can create videos for these ideas.
  • Suggestions for the best video titles and descriptions.
  • Follow the videos' performance, so you can get an increase in views, which gives you a greater chance of winning.

Use the Google trend tool

As we know, YouTube is an affiliate with Google, and Google Trend is a tool from Google that serves all the different Google platforms, including YouTube. To search for popular topics at present to create videos for them, you must follow the following:

  • Go to the search box in Google Trends.
  • Enter the word you want to search for and then click Search.
  • Then filter your Search by selecting 'YouTube Search'; it will give you the results you are looking for.

2. YouTube video optimization

After searching for words and choosing them, we plan with keywords so that each keyword has its video, and when creating a YouTube video, the video must be optimized for SEO so that your videos get a high ranking in YouTube search.

These are the essential stages of improvement, which are done as we show in the following tips:

Improved channel description

The YouTube channel description is written on the about page, and you must use it correctly to serve your channel. In this section, you introduce YouTube users to the content and content of the channel, and the channel's description is a factor in the rating factors used by YouTube's algorithms.

Optimize video title

The title is a significant attraction for clicking on the video to watch; the more transparent and more attractive the title is, the better it is to improve the video. As is the case in SEO articles, the target word must be added to the title so that the user knows the content of the video content.

81 KB

Not only that, but make the title serve the intent of the Search, so try to add words that help the user's search intent; you can use descriptive words such as how, method, steps, and how when you create a video with instructions or how to use a specific thing or product.

Thumbnail optimization

Adding a custom thumbnail image is one of the most important factors that attract the visitor, as you can see a quick overview of the content, so you should take good care of it.

What is the image resolution and size?

  • Image resolution 1280x720 (at least 640 pixels wide).
  • The aspect ratio is 16:9 because it is the most used in video players and YouTube previews.
  • Its size is less than 2 MB.
  • The image format is JPG, GIF, or PNG.

Improved video description

The description is critical, and it is the essential thing that the YouTube algorithm understands and analyzes to know the content of the video, contributing significantly to the classification of the video. It is also necessary for users to understand what the video and content are about as it is used in case you want to clarify something or add links or external sources that the viewer needs.

57 KB
seo score

There are ways to use optimization to describe a YouTube video, including the following:

  • The keyword must be included in the description and related keywords as well.
  • Make the first 20 words of the description attractive and serve the intent and purpose of the Search because the first 20 words appear under the title of the video in the YouTube search results, so they will be an attraction to clicking on your videos.
  • Add hashtags to the description, but don't go overboard, and don't repeat the same term twice.
  • Use the Content Optimizer to write the description after analyzing the word with Keyword Analyzer.

When writing the description with GuinRank, the tool will provide you with the best words that you use to write a clear explanation; as we explained that YouTube algorithms use text data to understand the video, so make sure that the description is optimized, and artificial intelligence recognizes the keyword so that you increase your chance of being in the search results.

Improving the title and the first part of the description dramatically enhances the video's click-through rate (CTR).
Improving this ratio gives you an advantage in the YouTube search engine that users prefer your YouTube video, increases its ranking, and is recommended to users, all of which contribute to rising views and thus profits.

3. Optimize video content

You can use ways to enhance the video content so that YouTube's algorithms recognize it, such as enabling text and translation known as (transcripts), enabling the annotation feature (captions), activating subtitles, allows users who do not speak the video language to understand and benefit from the video. The Caption feature improves the user experience in case of sound problems.

4. YouTube Video Promotion

After we have improved the SEO of YouTube texts, the role of video promotion comes, which is a method similar to improving the external SEO of articles, and the promotion process is done in more than one way, such as:

  1. Create promotional ads for your videos to show them to a broader audience and gain more views.
  2. Using the YouTube Cards feature that is used at the end of the video, you can add links to other videos in your channel that you want to promote
  3. If you have a blog or website, you can include a video link within the content of your website to gain new visitors.
  4. Please share the video on social media platforms constantly, as social networking sites are one of the best places that can be promoted videos because they have millions of users.

The Most important Questions in the YouTube SEO Course

This article is a free YouTube SEO course that teaches us the most important YouTube SEO factors to drive search results.

Here are the top questions channel owners ask in this YouTube SEO course:

What is SEO YouTube?

YouTube SEO is a practice used to improve the content of a YouTube video so that it tops YouTube results, increases viewership and number of followers, and this does by using some of the things that make the video rank high in the Search.

What are the conditions for profit from YouTube?

  1. Comply with YouTube monetization policies.
  2. Get 1000 subscribers to the channel.
  3. Achieving 4000 hours of views in the last 12 months.
  4. Get a Google AdSense account and link it to the channel.
  5. Residency in one of the countries where the YouTube Partner Program is available.

How do you achieve the terms of YouTube?

To activate the profit on YouTube channels, you must get a thousand subscribers and 4000 watch hours, and these are tips to increase the number of subscribers to the channel for free:

  1. Create engaging and helpful content for YouTubers.
  2. Optimize the SEO of the channel and SEO the content of each video.
  3. Interact with the audience in the comments.
  4. Share content on social media platforms.
  5. Write a unique and different description for each video.
  6. You can run low-budget ads on Facebook or YouTube.
  7. Ask your audience to take action to increase engagement, such as asking for likes or adding a comment.
  8. Use YouTube Short to create short videos of up to 60 seconds to support regular videos and boost your channel.

What are the best YouTube SEO tools?

Many SEO tools use different techniques to help you export and improve YouTube channels and are used to enhance YouTube SEO, and the most important of these tools are:

  1. Social Insider Tool: It is an analytics tool for social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube, and it gives the YouTube channel owner an analysis of his channel and that of competitors in terms of the number of subscribers and views.
  2. Tubes Tool: A YouTube SEO tool that suggests tags and keywords and provides excellent suggestions on improving performance to increase subscribers and get more views.
  3. TubeBuddy: is a free Chrome extension that searches for words and includes information on relevant keywords, competition strength, and search volume for the keyword on YouTube.
  4. GuinRank SEO extension: A browser extension that automatically suggests video-related words that you can use to search for keywords for your channel.

How to Rank YouTube Videos?

Many factors contribute to creating a successful YouTube video and the results of YouTube searches. Improving the SEO of the video is an essential step and method, as we explained above, but other factors contribute to improving your content, issuing your channel, and increasing video viewing. Before you publish the video, make sure of the following:

  1. Create short videos:
    You may have seen the spread of Tik Tok recently and the success of the idea of ​​short videos, so it is better to create short videos on YouTube.
  2. Create an adorable intro video:
    An engaging intro that provides a simple explanation of the purpose and user benefit of the video is a great way to keep the viewer in.
  3. Constantly using trends:
    Always learn to take advantage of the appropriate trends and make videos about them quickly, to lead the trend and gain a high viewership, as this contributes to increasing profits and improving income.
  4. Use thumbnails:
    The thumbnail is what the user sees in the search results, so its quality and good selection will contribute to convincing the user to click on the video, so be sure to place it and not choose YouTube.
  5.  Video Quality:
    Use editing programs to improve the image; there is more than one free program; add calm music to the video to break the viewer's boredom and speak in a clear voice.
  6. Use CTA words:
    They are phrases (call to action) that prompt the viewer to take action, for example, ask them to subscribe or leave a comment and other activities.
  7. Take advantage of the end of the video:
    YouTube allows you to insert a link at the end of the video, which works like an internal link for channel clips, and use it to promote and link the contents in the channel together.

YouTube SEO is a chance for creators who owns a YouTube channel, and it helps them to reach a top-level position in YouTube and Google search results, so use the factors and practices we mentioned in the article to learn the secrets of YouTube SEO and contribute to the promotion and visibility of your YouTube channel.

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