YouTube Keyword Research: Full Guide 2022

YouTube Keyword Research: Full Guide 2022

Azza Elsayed
Azza Elsayed

YouTube keyword research is the most critical step in YouTube SEO; We will learn how to choose keywords for YouTube; In our article, we will explain a guide to YouTube keyword research and how to use it properly to get more views on your videos.

YouTube Keyword Research

Creating videos that lead YouTube and Google is an effective way to promote products and advertise brands on YouTube, and it can be even better than paid ads, so we'll help you use YouTube keywords correctly.

After you select the channel niche, you must do keyword research to determine the suitable keywords for targeting; you can create video content on YouTube that aids you in popularizing your channel, targeting your audience, and increasing the number of subscribers to the channel.

What are the keywords for YouTube?

They are words used to describe YouTube videos, the syntax of the title, and any text used to make the video more relevant to the user's query.

How do you search for keywords for YouTube?

It is the same as choosing keywords for SEO, you follow the same methods of searching for keywords for any topic, in addition to other methods for YouTube, and you can use the following ways:

1. YouTube Autocomplete

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YouTube Autocomplete

When you type any search keyword into the YouTube search box, YouTube will suggest and complete all the terms related to your search.

2. Use the "GuinRank Extension"

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video tags

The browser extension, as in the image, gives you all the words related to any video and tag competitors use.

3. YouTube tag Generator

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YouTube tag Generator

Keyword generator is One of the GuinRank tools can provide hundreds of keywords and ideas and tags for the topic of your YouTube video.

4. Use Keyword Magic Tool

One of the SEMrush tools gives you excellent word suggestions to generate and help you choose the best one for your video.

5. Know the keywords of the competition

You can find out the tags of competing videos by searching the HTML of the page; All you have to do is click View Page Source to view the HTML of the competing video page and search the page by ("ctrl + f"). Then type "keywords."

6. Using the TubeBuddy Chrome Extension

Displays the video's keywords directly as soon as you activate the extension for your web browser.

How do you use keywords for YouTube?

Once you find the proper keywords to target, you can use them correctly to boost your viewership and subscribers. Here are the steps for using keywords:

1. Create a keyword strategy for the channel

It is necessary to make a spreadsheet of the most important words that you decided to target after searching for them, and your word map could include:

  1. List of keywords related to your channel domain.
  2. Monthly search volume for each target word.
  3. The Suitable titles Description and tag suggestions for each video.
  4. The strength of the competition for the keyword and the degree of difficulty.

This map makes it easier for you to work with an organized advance plan to avoid duplication of content and to know the words of the videos you will cover in the future to prepare for them better.

2. Use YouTube Keyword Tools

  • Some tools make it easier for you to search for YouTube; you have our word analyzer that gives you more than great title suggestions for YouTube videos.
  • We also have a Keyword Generator tool that provides you with the most important tags to include in your YouTube channel's video for more keyword targeting.
  • There is also Ahrefs keywords explorer, google keyword planner, VidiQ, Keyword Tool Dominator, and ubersuggest.

3. Find out the intent of the research

As we know, YouTube is the most used search engine after Google; like other search engines, it wants to provide the best user experience, and when the user types a query on YouTube, it gives him the exact information he wants, which is called the search goal.

The goal of the research is for the content to appear in YouTube search results, so for your videos to top YouTube, you must meet the intent of the searcher and the intent of his research.

4. Use Hashtags

Use hashtags for YouTube to get more views, allowing different categories and a larger audience to view your videos by appearing in the search results of people interested in the hashtag you put.

How do you add keywords to YouTube?

YouTubers must know where to put YouTube keywords correctly. To help you get the first YouTube search results, add tags to the description and thumbnails of the clips as follows:

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1. For new videos:

  • Log in to YouTube Studio and click "Create."
  • After downloading the video, click on "more options."
  • Then write your tags.

2. Old videos:

  • Log in to YouTube Studio.
  • Click on the word "Content" and choose the video you want to edit.
  • Type the tags.

When you enhance your video description and target the right keyword, you will get more channel subscribers and engagement in comments and likes for your video.

Search Insights in YouTube Studio

YouTube has given all YouTube creators access to a lot of data about the search queries that YouTube users search.

He launched the Search Insights feature in YouTube Studio, which allows creators to create more content by simplifying the keyword research process.

Search statistics are used in:

  1. See if there is a content gap to fix.
  2. Find out what your YouTube audience is looking for.
  3. The percentage of searches for each keyword.
  4. It aids the content creator in content planning by letting you know the types of clips YouTubers like to watch.

What are Search Insights on YouTube?

It allows you to see what has been searched for the last 28 days, but you cannot track individual searches as all the statistics are aggregated.

It consists of two parts:

  • The first lets you know what viewers of your channel are looking for.
  • The second allows all searches for any word made by viewers on any topic on YouTube.

YouTube keyword research tools

Do you want to know the most helpful SEO keywords for YouTube videos? Here are the best tools to take a look at:

1. GuinRank

GuinRank provides YouTube creators with a pack of tools that provide many features, including:

Keyword analyzer

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keyword analyzer

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Related Keywords

YouTube creators can use a keyword analysis tool based on (AI) to identify the strength of the competition and the keyword search volume and understand the search intent, giving you a suggestion for titles and descriptions for their videos.

Content Optimizer 

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seo score

The helpful tool in which you will write the description of the video, using the most important words that the tool suggests to you, which are present in the sidebar, write a clear description that explains the content of the video and includes the tags offered by the tool, all of this helps you to lead the YouTube search results quickly.

2. YouTube Analytics

The "Reach tab" summarizes how your followers discovered the videos on your channel. Please pay attention to the YouTube search report, which shows viewers' search terms for your content.

You should know that the YouTube search engine shows the search results that are most relevant to the searcher's intention, so be sure to improve the title and description to explain your content clearly.

There is also the Suggested Videos report, which is very important since it shows you the views from the suggestions next to the videos.

3. YouTube's search Google trends

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YouTube's search Google trends

It provides you with everything the world has been searching for since 2008. When you enter a phrase, topic, or word in the exploration box, it defaults to show you the last 12 months. From the "Web Search" tab, choose from the drop-down list, including YouTube search.

4. Trends on YouTube 

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Trends on YouTube

YouTube introduced the "Trending" tab in December 2015. It features exciting and highly viewed videos that can reach millions of views.

Your knowledge of these videos may inspire you to create more innovative videos, so be always up to date.

5. Keyword Tool for YouTube 

Keyword Tool pulls all search suggestions from YouTube search predictions. Key Tools Limited owns the tool. The tool enables:

  1. It generates more than 750 keywords long search predictions by appending and pinning the keyword you specify with different letters and numbers.
  2. Get translations of results for more than a hundred countries, and it supports 80 languages.
  3. The paid version estimates the volume of searches for phrases or words through click data.

6. TubeBuddy 

Another powerful tool that you should use is TubeBuddy, which is a free browser extension as well as a YouTube-compatible mobile app.

Tubebuddy Extension Availability:

  1. A keyword explorer that helps you extract long-tail keywords to be more relevant to searchers' queries on YouTube.
  2. It gives you the best practices report where it does checks to make sure you are following YouTube's policies and recommendations or not.
  3. It contains an automatic translator that translates the title and description into any language, so you get an increase in video viewership worldwide.


According to the tool's website, available in both a free and paid version, starting at $7.5 per month, "We'll help you increase your library of tags by 10x in less than 10 minutes and discover content opportunities you're missing out on." That is, it helps increase the video's tags by ten times.

8. Rapid tags The YouTube keyword generation site

Rapidtag is an excellent site for generating keywords for YouTube. It is one of the best sites for developing keywords for YouTube. The site is straightforward to use. All you have to do is enter and type in the title or keyword, and the site will develop the keywords quickly and in the same language you searched.

21 KB

It is a free site characterized by ease of use. As soon as you type a phrase or a keyword in the search bar, the site will fetch and generate the best keywords related to your word in the language you searched in; the site supports all languages ​​worldwide and then copies and save the terms quickly.

You also have keyword research sites such as (, SEMrush, and Google AdWords)

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some critical questions about choosing topics for YouTube and answering them briefly.

What is YouTube SEO?

YouTube Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process used to optimize YouTube channels to get videos to dominate and rank high among YouTube search results.

Optimizing YouTube SEO helps to rank YouTube search engine, increase channel traffic, and make your channel popular.

How do I create SEO keywords on YouTube channels?

After finding and selecting the words, add them to describe the channel itself and refine the title and description for the videos; this helps optimize your channel.

How do I find keywords for my YouTube channel?

Use the autocomplete in generating or YouTube, or the HTML code of other videos, use the GuinRank you have the browser extension and the Keyword Generator tool.

What is the best YouTube keyword?

The best keywords are what meet the goal of the search that your target audience is doing.

We knew how to generate keywords for YouTube, the best sites, and tools to get and extract YouTube keywords, knowing where to put and use YouTube keywords to become the leader in Google search results and YouTube search results.

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