Best Writing Assistant Software 2022

Best Writing Assistant Software 2022

Azza Elsayed
Azza Elsayed

Do you need a writing assistant to help you create Content? Many AI writing assistants help the Writer during the writing process, such as GuinRank writing assistant; if you are looking for the best writing assistance, you are in the right place; We will introduce you to writing programs that help writers or students complete undergraduate projects and other benefits.

You should know that AI technology is not new to content marketing, but it has been used for years, like in the Grammarly app or Google Translate and even plagiarism checker sites; all these apps are based on AI and aim to assist the Writer in Creating Content.

What is a writing assistant?

A writing assistant is a software built on artificial intelligence (AI) that helps the Writer write and saves a lot of effort and time. Writing software makes writers' lives easier and allows them to focus on what they want to say.

Modern artificial intelligence techniques offer multiple advantages through different writing applications; some correct grammar and grammatical errors; some donate to suggest ideas and subject subtitles, and a lot of information. Writing is easy and saves a lot of time.

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What are the most critical tasks of a writing assistant?

Various tools contributing to content creation have recently developed dramatically, especially in English. When you use content optimization tools correctly, you will get great results. Perhaps the essential tasks that writing assistant tools do are:

  1. Create titles and subtitles.
  2. Writing meta explanations.
  3. Products description in the online store.
  4. Create blog post introductions.
  5. Optimizing Content for SEO.
  6. Generate ideas for blog articles.
  7. text summarization.
  8. Drafting texts more easily.
  9. Writing the first draft of a blog post.
  10. Brainstorming and content planning.

What is the best AI writing assistant software?

GuinRank's Writing Assistant is the best free writing assistant for content writers, and it provides you online with the paragraphs written by your competitors for the parts you are writing; as you can see in the picture, you only click on the button (fetch sites).

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AI writing assistant

The clerical assistant provides the data of the top ten competitors; When you write a part that a competitor has written about, the writing assistant will display that part directly.

Not only that, but you can also use GuinRank to:

  1. Keyword Analysis.
  2. Compare web pages.
  3. Writing SEO-optimized Content.
  4. Knowing the size of the search and the strength of competition for the keyword.
  5. Generate keywords and the most critical questions related to the target word.

Best AI Writing Assistant Software Tools

There are many writing tools, some of which are free and paid; the following are the best ai writing assistants that help writers effectively:

1. Hemingway Editor

After optimizing your Content for search engines, you can use Hemingway's editor tool and do a final check to ensure it's clear and perfect in every aspect. It is a very effective SEO tool, especially for the tone of voice, complexity, grammar, and general context reading.

The Hemingway Editor is convenient and straightforward, used by writers, SEO experts, and marketers to team members; you can review your Content on this tool to spot misspellings, passive voice, and more. This way, you can access necessary data for updates and improve your Content. Thus, you can get an advantage in terms of saving time and money.

2. SEMrush

SEMrush has a full suite of SEO tools that will make your life easier, and they work on the following:

  1. Site Analysis: This tool helps you stay up to date with all the technical aspects of SEO for your website and quickly identify potential issues.
  2. Keyword Analysis: SEMrush makes reports about your site ranking and keywords position and make reports.
  3. Follow your brand: alerts you to new mentions of your brand online so you can follow them and try to convert them into inbound links if necessary. It also has a specific tool for internal link checking.
  4. Auto Reports Generation: SEMrush includes a variety of automated reports to tell you all about your SEO.

3. Zoho Writer 

The tool contains everything that helps you to write with high efficiency, and it is an Ai powered writing assistant that works on the following:

  1. Text formatting
  2. All your work is saved automatically.
  3. best free writing helper
  4. Integrated with Microsoft Word
  5. Grammar and spelling reviews
  6. Edit multiple pages at once
  7. Improve typing with Zia, the intelligent typing assistant
  8. Create and publish finished scripts to WordPress directly from Writer

4. ClosersCopy

Closers Copy is an AI-rich content writing assistant program that offers you the best value with its current deal with lifetime plan validity. It has many features to help you better create your Content. it is the writing assistant that helps you create scripts that meet your needs. Best of all, you can even create your workflows to deliver results.

5. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is an AI and data-driven SEO analysis tool that shows you precisely what you need to change on your site in real-time to rank higher for your target keywords. Surfer SEO has a user-friendly interface and a comparatively low price.

6. Grammarly

It is the best ai writing assistant for language correction. It saves writers and school and university students time and effort. Grammarly detects Spelling errors and offers suggestions for sentence correction, modification, and paraphrasing.

It also adds punctuation and measures the degree of readability and tone of voice. Grammarly also provides suggestions with an edit method and explains the reason for the request.

You can use Grammarly's free browser extension, which efficiently audits Content.

7. Copy Ai is a copywriting utility based on GPT-3, and it mainly focuses on six types of Content: blog posts, product descriptions, social media posts, website landing page copy, sales, and digital copies.

The program has a permanent free plan, supports multiple languages, and has a Chrome browser extension. has different monthly plans that you can buy and offers a forever-free account.

8. Pro writing aid

Pro Writing Aid is a writing assistance program that helps authors, tutors, and students at academic colleges with problems with grammatical errors and using passive in the sentence and provides suggestions for correcting the Content.

It uses factors different from other language correction tools. It analyzes writing style, tone of voice, and readability, clarifies repetitive words, and gives suggestions for replacing weak words and sentences with strong ones.

9. Writesonic AI

Writesonic is a tool that helps you create marketing content quickly in a few minutes and is used in writing professional product descriptions and Content for ads and landing pages.

This tool is integrated with SEMrush and has a vocabulary checker to find and discover a spell and grammatical errors.

10. Jasper tool

Jasper is currently the best AI text generator tool. Jasper specializes in 50+ copywriting skills, including blog post outlines, intros, product descriptions, email, Google & Facebook ads, Facebook ad headlines, social posts, and YouTube video descriptions.

Jasper's AI produces 99% original content, which is of outstanding quality.

Jasper is the easiest way to write texts automatically with the help of an AI, which is comprehensible and meaningful and has the appropriate level of detail.

11. Rytr tool

Rytr is another writing assistant reasonably well known for its artificial intelligence and aims to help us create everything from descriptions of YouTube videos to social media topics. The tool has a blogging feature that we tested in our experience.

12. Frase

Frase is one of the best all-in-one AI SEO tools for AI-powered text search and writing.

The quality of the generated texts is excellent. They are legible, understandable, logical, and understandable.

Frase is currently one of the best AI text creation tools out there.


It is a content rewriting program that produces highly unique and engagement Content in seconds and does not require much modification. You can control the writing style and sentence length.

14. Ginger

Ginger application, one of the oldest writing services, is used to correct content errors such as grammar, spelling, style, and punctuation.

It will pick up common and rare grammatical errors such as phrasing, sentence structure, writing style, punctuation, misspelled words, and subject-verb agreement.

It is used on mobile and desktop devices and can be linked to email to get accurate email messages and to social media accounts to write revised, correct, and error-free publications.

Not only these tools, but there are also many writing assistant programs such as language tool, dynalist, paper, scalenut, aiseo, and other tools that help in writing Content in all its forms.

How do you use AI writer assistance?

Dear Writer, you should know that these tools are your assistant. Still, they will not replace the content maker, so it is necessary to review the text and provide it the human touch so that it becomes helpful to the reader, as Google said through its latest content update (helpful Content update), which is that Content is written for humans by human hands.

These tips for using GPT-3 AI tools include:

  1. Artificial intelligence tools improve and increase the Writer's productivity and help him write small parts of texts, but the texts must be reviewed and formulated to suit the reader.
  2. Google indexes and ranks AI-generated articles if they are of high quality.
  3. Before publishing AI-generated texts, you must thoroughly revise them to be high quality.
  4. The AI ​​writer assistance tools only give you the outline, so you must research to add the missing information and facts.

Dear reader, if you are a student, tutor, or Writer or want to become a writer that editing and creating Content is no longer a problem; writing assistant tools help you wonderfully in revision, drafting, and writing, and you also have the GuinRank tool that enables you to write improved Content that tops the search results.

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